Music That Rocks :: VULFPECK

music that rocks - vulfpeck

Found these guys because the latest music video they just released for “Back Pocket” has to be the CUTEST thing I’ve seen in awhile–perfect for your Sunday-Lighthearted-Happy mood. Think elementary school playground romance. With a hip indie vibe. Basically it’s what today’s hipster thinks their elementary school crush experience was like. Anyway.. these two cuties are major #GOALS.


So who are Vulpeck? Well according to wikipedia, the band aims for a sound that is minimal, raw, and approaches that of a live performance. They are definitely old-school jammers; straight outta U of Michigan. And I am diggin’ them. Add them to your “Good Vibes Only” playlist and check-in with their performance schedule because my guess is these guys put on a pretty rad/chill/unique show. Let’s rally for San Diego to pull them in soon.

PS–added them to a few of my own playlists. Check em all out on Spotify. Happy Sunday 🙂


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