The Whole 30 Challenge

whole 30 challenge

What better timing than after a long-weekend celebration than to reset your mind/body/spirit/etc.?! Starting tomorrow The Yoga Confidential is going on the Whole 30 – have you heard of it?? It’s basically how we aim to eat everyday but with a set of EXTREME rules. The idea is to help reset your body, eliminate bad eating habits and generally kick-start resolving any health issues… and according to the creators – CHANGE YOUR LIFE. Say no more, I’m in.

A few of the rules include:

1. Do not consume sugar of any kind (real or artificial). This includes honey, agave nectar, splenda, etc.
2. Do not consume alcohol (not even for cooking). Also… should go without saying, but no smoking either.
3. Do not consume grains. This includes quinoa people.
4. Do not consume legumes.
5. Do not consume dairy. NO NOT EVEN GREEK YOGURT. One exception here, you can still cook with ghee 🙂
6. Do not try to recreate baked goods or jump food with “approved” ingredients. Say “bye-bye” to those “Paleo Pop-Tarts.”
7. And last but not least – no stepping on the scale or taking measurements of any kind. Just let the program work it’s magic.

whole-30 copy
I’m super excited to start this experiment and will bring some recipes and feedback along the way. Has anyone else tried the Whole 30??

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