Whole 30 Challenge { The First 6 Days } Dinner Round-up + Tips

I’m 6 days into the Whole 30 Challenge, and I’m not going to sugar coat it here. It is HARD. I like to think that I’m a very health-conscious eater, but giving up sugar and dairy completely is not easy. Heading into day 6 I do feel like I’ve conquered the first speed bump and confident I can finish. I already am starting to see positive benefits and that certainly helps with motivation. So far the days have gone a little something like this:

Day 1: *smug face* I SO got this. This is going to be easy. I have my groceries, my meal prep, and just finished a full day of eating right. I am like sooo healthy. I don’t need sugar.

Day 2-5: Headaches. Headaches. And then more headaches. Zero energy. Oh, and don’t let me forget to mention that you’re going to want to punch everyone in the face. On edge. Very fiesty. Pretty much just let all your loved ones know to not talk to you for these days. 

Day 6: Wake up feeling much better than the last few days. Starting to see some bloating go down… okay my confidence is back. Let’s do this!

TIP: Black coffee and bananas are major key when it comes to managing these headaches. More so the bananas. I swear, those things are magical.

Here’s a snippet from some of my meals plus a few more tips! Note: you won’t see any fancy recipes here – I’m way into keeping it simple for this challenge.

turkey burger

TIP: Find a good ground turkey slider recipe as a base and then switch it up with different types of fillings/spices. I could live on ground turkey sliders w/ mustard wrapped in lettuce. YUM!

broccoli and fish

TIP: Use nutritional yeast on your veggies to add a creamy/cheesy flavor. Adds so many great benefits – will do w full post on it.
TIP: Water is your best friend. Change it up by flavoring with real food. I use either mint leaves or cucumber + lemon.

chicken and radish slaw

TIP: If you’re on-the-go like me, take advantage of the salad bar. For me, sometimes this is much cheaper than buying a ton of ingredients for one meal.

Happy weekending, kids.

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